Here's 5 Ways to Maintain the Health of the Eyes from the Screen of the Gadget

The development of technology make the gadget as a device that must be owned to support the activities and appearance.

Even a lot of work in this day and age this can be resolved with the help of gadgets such as smartphones and computers.

However, behind its benefits, the gadget would also have a negative impact which we should avoid.

One of the negative effects of the use of gadget is the can annoying eye health. Moreover, if every morning the eyes should be staring at the screen of gadget for hours.

Well, so as not to cause adverse effects, here are 5 ways to maintain the health of the eyes from the screen of the gadget which is easy to do.

1. Set The Distance Pandange
Staring at the screen of the gadget too close can make the eyes feel tired, because it's very important to keep the viewing distance between the eyes with the screen of the gadget to minimize the risks.

At a minimum, the distance between the eyes with a screen of about 30-50 cm to prevent the greater the radiation exposure to the eyes.

2. Set The Position Of The Sitting
When using the gadget is both the smartphone and the computer, it's good to pay attention to the position of sitting to keep the body feel comfortable.

Sit upright and use a chair that is soft. This will prevent the occurrence of pain in the back and fatigue on the eyes, because while sitting upright with eyes get the best angle to stare at the screen.

3. Train Stretch Eyes

Not only the body that can be sore, the eyes can feel the same if too long is forced to stare at the screen of the gadget.

This is because, the eye muscles are forced to pay attention to the content in the gadget so that it becomes tense.

To overcome this, try stretching the eyes with a wink some times every 20 minutes. So the eyes will be refreshed and avoid dry eyes.

4. Set The Font To A Larger Font

Make it a habit to set the font of the letters on the smartphone and the computer with a large size, so that the eyes can read it comfortably and not need to work hard.

If the font is the font is too small, the eyes can be tired easily that could have an impact on the eyes which feel sore, dry and a couple of blurred.

5. Light Settings

So that the eyes remain healthy despite using the gadget long enough, arrange the power light on the screen of the gadget that is not too strong.

So the impact of radiation can be minimized. In addition, the light in the room also need to be adequate, do not use the gadgets in the room that is minimal lighting because it can endanger the health of the eye.

In addition to how to maintain the health of the eyes in the above, we also need to consume fruit for the health of the eye, so that the nutrients needed eye can be fulfilled.

Well, with so eyes maintained their health and avoid a variety of disorders such as dry eye, myopia and straining on the eye muscles. Eye health is so important to be maintained because it will greatly affect academic achievement and daily activities.
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