Be Vigilant, The Disease Of Diabetes Can Be Triggered 5 Unhealthy Lifestyle This

Diabetes disease, including degenerative diseases which is very dangerous, because it can affect the function of the various organs of the body and cause disease complications that endanger the life.

This disease occurs because of the increased levels of sugar in the blood in excess, while the production of insulin is insufficient to neutralize the blood. As a result, glucose levels in the urine and excessive blood damage the body organs such as the heart and kidneys.

Therefore, as early as possible the disease should be avoided, one of which is to avoid unhealthy lifestyle such as the following.

1. A hobby Eat and Drink Sweet 

The habit of consuming sugary foods and drinks such as cakes, sweet tea and soda will affect blood sugar levels.

If consumed in excess, especially every day, then the risk of diabetes will be even greater. Limit your consumption of sugar from food and drinks, and choose fruit and vegetables as additional nutrients important for the body to keep it healthy.

2. Lack Of Sleep 

It turns out that the lack of sleep experienced many times also able to increase the risk of diabetes appear. This is because when the body is less time resting metabolic processes will be disrupted and the sugar will settle in the blood.

Plus, when we are still awake in the middle of the night, the hormones that drive hunger will be produced so that we become hungry and eat at night before bed.

This is certainly not good because of the sugar intake before bed will cause the glucose levels in the blood increase.

3. Minimal Physical Activity 

The body needs to move in order to remain to be able to move smoothly. If lazy to move or exercise less, than body fat will accumulate because it is not converted into energy.

In addition, blood sugar levels will also increase, because the intake of sugar that enter the body also is not converted into energy.

So glucose will be increased in the blood and in a long time can cause a person to experience diabetes.

4. Like Snacking On 

Usually to fill the spare time or postpone the hungry, we work around this by snacking on a light meal. Whereas a light snack or fried foods can trigger the disease appear, because, in general, snacks contain a high glycemic index.

That is, by consuming less potato chips or fried foods that contain lots of starch will accelerate the high levels of sugar in the blood.

5. Sleep After Eating

After eating and stomach feel full, usually we will feel very sleepy. This is because the blood is being focused on the digestive organs for metabolic processes, while the brain is deprived of oxygen so came the drowsiness.

However sleepiness must be fought by doing the activity, so as not to fall asleep. I used to sleep after feeding, then metabolic processes will be slow and sugar levels in the blood will increase so that trigger the disease diabetes.

Diabetes can strike anyone regardless of age. Because it is important to pay attention to the pattern of the life we live for the sake of avoiding a dangerous disease that can be fatal.

At least the lifestyle of bed on top need to be avoided and routine doing physical activity so the body is always healthy.
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