6 Facts About Eye Health Important Known

As the organs are important to see, the eye should be always kept his health. However, up to now a lot of facts and myths regarding eyes being circulated in the community, both of which can be proven to be true or not.

The eyes are indeed the organs that are unique, and very sensitive so need to be properly maintained. Well, here are some facts about eye health is important for us to know to be more concerned with the condition of the eyes that we have

1. Overlooking The Green Make The Eyes More Relaxed 

If You feel eyes are tired or strained, try to rest for a moment and turn a couple of eyes on the green scenery. This way will help relax your eye muscles are tense and clear up a couple of eyes.

In addition, shift the focus on the farthest point if it could help loosen the tension on the nerves of the eyes being tired.

2. The Advantage Of The Eye Ball Of Dark-Colored 

The people of Indonesia may be very envious to see the eyes of the people of the west are colored green, blue or brown. However, the ball colored eye black that we have is much more profitable because of the rich pigments that protect the eyes from UV rays.

Precisely that is brightly colored will be more sensitive to light so prone to health disorders on the eye.

3. Good food for the Eyes 

Carrots has become one of the foods that are most easily remembered if we talk about the nutrients that are needed eye. But of course not only carrots that can be relied upon to nourish the eye with better. Every fruit and vegetable that is colored red is actually very good for the eyes because it is rich in vitamin A and antioxidants as well as a variety of minerals needed eyes. Fruit for eye health is also preferably contains siasantin and glutein so nervous of the eye is protected.

4. Reading in the Dark does Not Damage the Eyes 

In the community until today, the myth about the damage to the eye because it is often read in a dark place still continues to be trusted.

In fact, read or watch in a dark place will not damage the eyes better nerve and its network. Only, the eyes become very tired and tense because of the too forced to pokus despite the dark atmosphere.

5. Glasses do Not Cause a Plus and Minus to Accrue

Many people are reluctant to use glasses because of the fear of the minus or plus that he experienced growing. In fact, aids such as glasses will not make minus like it's gotten kind.

The increase in minus or plus experienced by a person due to the distance between the lens to the retina that increase in length with increasing age.

6. Minus Eye Can Be Cured 

Well, almost all people believe that minus eye cannot be cured and every year will be worse. In fact, if is known then the disorders of the eye can be cured.

The most important is to always maintain eye health and regularly checked to see a doctor to monitor the condition of the eyes.

Well, that's the fact about eye health that we should understand more in order to maintain the health of the eye organ.

If the eyes are healthy, of course the activity will run smoothly and the couple can focus on an object.
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