The consumption of 13 Food So that the Body does Not Limp and Lethargic !

The consumption of 13 Food So that the Body does Not Limp and Lethargic ! - Body indeed there are times when experiencing the up and down, especially in terms of energy. 

Food So that the Body does Not Limp and Lethargic

Worse, when the body is in decline, then it is as light as any activities carried out physical can get tired quickly. 

Sometimes, getting enough sleep is not enough to keep the body does not easily limp. Therefore, the following is a list of foods that the body does not limp, tired and lethargic.


Oatmeal indeed be a healthy meal, especially for patients with types of heart disease, the owner of the high cholesterol and other chronic diseases associated with fat and bad cholesterol. It's just, oatmeal can now be used as a substitute for rice because it is rich in protein the following fiber so it will make the body more energized.

Even oatmeal can be consumed with a variety of side dishes, so You can enjoy oatmeal in a variety of ways. Because the indexed low glycemic index, oatmeal is also considered to be very safe for anyone, including for people with diabetes who must avoid rice and simple carbohydrates that cause sugar levels soaring.


Yogurt is considered as a super food that can be used as a snack. But don't get me wrong, the food You need to consume when the agency was not feeling too good and too limp. The content of potassium as much as 579 mg in one serving of yogurt is good for Your digestive health, as well as being able to add the lost energy.

So much more healthy, choose yogurt that is plain or fresh and then combine it with your favorite fruits in order to increase the strength of Your body. As a source of natural probiotic, yogurt is a food that will maintain Your health while giving you extra energy naturally, especially if when used as a snack routine.


In addition to oatmeal, You can also consume quinoa because quinoa is often consumed as a substitute for rice effective filling and prevent the body becomes limp. Rich in minerals iron, fiber and protein, quinoa is a nutritious food that You can if it varies depending on your taste.

Not only cooking and eating with a side dish of fondness, even quinoa can be collected into a muffin or even a pudding that is clearly healthy and increase the body's energy. If you want to make this as a rice substitute, quinoa is usually can be enjoyed with fish, especially fish roa.


Foods that contain high fiber is already clear is known as food energy enhancer of the cartoon character Popeye isn't it? It is not sheer imagination because the spinach with a portion of a small bowl of course does not contain the mineral potassium as much as 839 mg who are ready to make the body more powerful. Made as a lunch menu or dinner so no longer need the caffeine as an energy booster.


Source of this soy is the right food to restore lost energy and make You limp. Foods containing high iron is very good for those of You who have the disease anemia and in addition, tofu is a source of magnesium which is very high so You can get natural energy from food sources is also milk.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds or chia seeds of course for some of You already no stranger isn't it? Chia seeds are a great source of fiber, fat and protein, which when consumed will improve the body's energy so that it will not be easy limp back. You can eat rice then followed with chia seeds is to avoid the effects of suffocation from the carbohydrates in the rice.


This fruit is also known as one of the foods that contain high potassium and a lot of dieters also consume these foods in order to stay strong and feel quite satiated. Not only potassium, bananas also bring in content from an assortment of vitamins, the amount of carbohydrates and fiber that will overcome the limp body.

Cashew Nuts

The source of the food belonging to the legumes also You can consume when the body is limp. Because of the high content of vitamin K, folic acid as well as calcium in it, then eat cashew nuts will add energy while maintaining the health and strength of Your bones.

Sunflower Seeds

If You often feel a headache coupled with loss super tired, limp and listless, then seeds such as sunflower seeds, You can make a healthy snack. Snacking on sunflower seeds ¼ cup course will meet the needs of the body will be mineral magnesium so that the headache is gone and the body is re-powered.

Sesame Seeds

A limp body followed by dizziness You can deal with snacking or eating sesame seeds. The same is the case with sunflower seeds, sesame seeds are a source of magnesium are high so it is better to add to the energy of the body. Even people who consume sesame seeds will improve the quantity and quality of sperm.


Not only based on very rich in magnesium, almonds also offer antioxidant properties as well as vitamin E which will counteract the effects of free radicals that are harmful to the body. Not only that, consume almonds as a snack routine can be a way to improve the durability of the body effectively.


Green fruit is often processed into delicious juice, along with sweetened condensed milk chocolate this is the kind of fruit that is suitable for consumption as a solution to the limp body. Rich in mineral potassium as much as 487 mg per half fruit can make Your body more fit, strong, and also healthy.


There is a content of 542 mg of potassium per fruit sweet that You can get by consuming regularly. When the body becomes limp, You can cultivate the sweet potatoes to bake, boil, or steam them before enjoy. Just avoid the fries because of course less is better for health.

So, what are the foods that the body does not limp that can be consumed at any time? You've checked the list and now do not need to be confused anymore because You can start to enjoy this food as a solution to the energy lost body.
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