This 10 Foods That Are Good For The Stomach Swelling To A Speedy Recovery !

Often digestive disorders in the stomach the most common we know is just like gastric ulcer, GERD, or increase in stomach acid, and also of dyspepsia is not? Stomach swelling was actually a kind of stomach disease similar to ulcer disease.

When a person suffers from heartburn with complaints of enlargement of the stomach due to the occurrence of inflammation, then this is a stomach swelling.

Can be said, stomach swelling in fact is the other term of condition of an ulcer that had been in the chronic stage. The causative factor of the condition of the stomach swollen this can vary, such as stress, sleep patterns less regular, consumption of certain medications, presence of parasites/bacteria/virus in the stomach, the pattern of irregular eating and also alcohol consumption.

Meanwhile, symptoms that indicate that You are affected by the disease of the stomach swollen, among others, are such as conditions below:

  • The solar plexus hurts.
  • Hard to sleep because of the pain in the solar plexus so annoying.
  • Dizziness
  • Cold sweat
  • The skin of the face seemed pale.
  • Appetite has decreased.
  • The stomach feels full.
  • The abdomen feels sore.
  • Frequent belching.
  • Stomach nausea
  • Vomiting on a frequent basis and it tastes a bit sour.
  • At risk of vomiting blood.

Usually, to relieve the symptoms of gastric disorders such as gastric swelling, patients need to start changing the eating patterns to be more healthy and proper. Here are some foods that are good for stomach swelling and support it in order to quickly recover.

Basil Leaves

In addition to being the drug of the condition of the smell of the mouth and delicious when made with fresh vegetables, basil leaves You can use to restore the stomach that is swollen enough to eat them 5 or more sheets. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory in in basil leaves is able to fight infection in the stomach caused by H. pylori bacteria at once become a reliever potent inflammation.


Red berries fresh one this could be the healer of the stomach swelling naturally when you eat them regularly because they are rich in antioxidants, which including high, in particular restoring the stomach swelling due to alcohol consumption is excessive. This has been proven through studies done by the scientists of Europe, precisely in the year 2011.


Source of probiotics, this one is no doubt how great its role in maintaining the health of the stomach. Even the condition of swelling of the stomach can be overcome by regularly consume unsweetened yogurt every day around 3 cups. The symptoms You will sense subsided when making the consumption of yogurt regularly.


If banana fruit course included in the list of the fruit lowering stomach acid levels are the most effective, then of course bananas are also reliable when You are experiencing stomach swelling. Except for bananas, fruit is high in potassium so if consumed daily will be able to become an enhancer of body fluids and relieve swelling of the stomach.


Spice this one is not only effective as drugs go the natural breeze or just to warm up the body for more than that, spices are the food that can restore the stomach swelling. Simply sprinkle the food with grated ginger as much as a spoonful of tea and do the routine until the symptoms of the stomach swelling to subside.


Pumpkin processing with steamed, boiled or baked You can enjoy as a restorer of the stomach swollen and become a reliever a variety of complaints, symptoms of prejudice. The process of digestion will return to normal and healthy because Your body to obtain potassium and vitamin A higher than this pumpkin.
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