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Some people have no insomnia at night, even though it was the eyes already too heavy and the body is already too tired. This is what we also commonly call by the term insomnia. Such people are quite difficult to instantly fall asleep and therefore often looking for a way to sleep soundly in a short time in which the following are some of its recommendations.

1. Avoid Any Gadget

Some people can easily fall asleep by playing a mobile phone, but it's never that easy. So for those of You that precisely the more can't sleep because play mobile phone or any gadget, please stay away from him. When playing the gadget, this can actually become an obstacle to the hormone melatonin secreted by the pituitary gland so that You will be experiencing difficulty sleeping.

2. Use Pillow Quality

Use a pillow that is comfortable and quality is important for sleep quality. This is because the pillow is supporting vital which can affect the circulation of the blood, backs, and also Your neck. Various health problems and disorders of the muscles on all three could happen just because the pillow that used less quality.

3. Turn off or Dim the Light

Before You go to sleep, make sure that the lighting in Your bedroom You turn off or dim. This is the right way and effective as a notice in the brain that it's time to calm down and signals from the brain can start to sent on the entire body to prepare for sleep.

4. Read The Book

Other activities that can be done as a way so that You can sleep peacefully only a short time is reading books. Despite not being on top of Your bed, reading a book is a way of being able to make Your eyes getting tired and heavy so that when closed thereafter will take You straight to sleep.

5. Write a Diary or Agenda

For those of You who want to try another way, try to write a diary or appointment book. This habit can also bring You the much quieter after removing the uneg-uneg and all Your planning on the book so sleep is much easier in a short time and automatically also more soundly later.

6. Count Down

The way that You sleep only in a short time a must-try is counting backwards. This trick was already there from the ancient times, but include effective because it is able to give the effect of relaxing and tranquility for your mind and Your heart. While staring up at the ceiling of Your bedroom, count backwards.

While counting down from numbers 60, regulates the breathing, all the while staring at the ceiling of the room can help so that the nervous system parasympathetic to stimulated. It is also a powerful way to bring high blood pressure down back to normal. Even how to calculate this can be mind-altering are being screwed.

7. Focus On Breathing

You try lying on Your deathbed or any place that You think is more delicious with a comfortable position, close your eyes, and breathe regularly. Focus yourself on Your breathing so that You will become more calm and without realizing it would be more easy and fast asleep. This way also able to be how to eliminate the stressful thoughts that keep You in the night-the night before couldn't sleep because of many thoughts.

8. Drink Warm Milk or Tea

Before going to bed, You also must try to consume tea or warm milk that will soothe You naturally. Make this as a routine before sleep at night so that You can notify the brain to be more relaxed and so that the brain can directly bring the signal to the body to be able to sleep soon.

9. Set The Temperature Of The Bed Room

To be able to sleep soundly in just a minute, You can set the temperature of Your bedroom to be between 20-23 degrees Celsius. This temperature is the right temperature and ideal so that You not only sleep, but also to obtain quality sleep without interruption.

10. Make Sure The Bed Is Neat

The bed is a mess and You instantly origin lay down to sleep in there to make yourself uncomfortable and in the end actually make the sleep disorder. Therefore, trim them first to Your bed to be a comfortable place to rest yourself. Sleep is also usually much more quality rest in bed neat and clean.

11. Listen To Music

Listen to the music gives the effect of calm and relax so that You can be sound asleep in just a short time. Whatever type of music You like, make sure that the music or the song instead of adding to the spirit but it can relax Your brain.

12. Using Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is found to be very effective in giving the effect of calm for the mind and body when inhaled. Aromatherapy with the scent of lavender is the most recommended for You can breathe a few moments before going to sleep, whether it's by shedding it in a towel or cloth which You then put in near You or light a candle aromatherapy but make sure to be aware of the dangers of aromatherapy candles.

13. Take a Comfortable Sleeping Position

Not just a matter of pillows, sleeping positions we were able to determine whether we can sleep soundly in a quick time and short or not. Try to tilt to the right if you want to sleep soundly and stay only a short time because the performance of the heart will be burdened when You choose to sleep with a tilted position to the left where it is because the heart located in the left ribs.

That's some way to sleep soundly in a short time that You can practice. Avoid the use of sleeping pills because of the side effects that are potentially harmful to Your health if used in the long term. If You are experiencing insomnia is ongoing, please don't hesitate to come at the doctor and consult your.
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