Removing the Hair or Fur With Electrolysis, is it Potent?

Have fur or hair in areas that are not desirable sometimes reduce Your confidence. However, now You need not worry, You can remove hair or fur that permanently by doing electrolysis.

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Electrolysis, a new method of removing hair or fur

Electrolysis is one way to remove the hair or unwanted hair on the face or other parts of the body. There are three forms of electrolysis, namely electrolysis of galvanic, electrolysis thermolysis, and a combination of both (blend).

Reported from Electrolysis Hair Removal – The Facts & Guidebook, in principle, the three forms of electrolysis is the way it works the same. You do this by inserting a tweezers or small needle into the follicles of hair or fur, then the fur or hair is taken with tweezers. In the electrolysis galvanic rays of the electrolyte containing the electric current stimulates the reaction in a solution of salt water that is found at the root of the follicle thus destroying the hair growth center. While in the electrolysis thermolysis, the electric current heats the root of the follicle until the follicle is damaged.

The success rate of electrolysis, galvanic reach 80 percent, and according to the FDA (the equivalent of POM in the United States) this method is most effective for removing hair or fur. The limitations of electrolysis thermolysis is not all suitable with these methods because electrolysis is only suitable for the hair or bristles that are shallow rooted. Therefore, the success rate is only 10-15 percent.
Myths about electrolysis

1. Electrolysis was painful

The statement is not entirely true. Electrolysis usually only cause discomfort, i.e. the sense of such as tingling. For some cases, can use a general special topical (topical).

2. Tools electrolysis is permanent and can be purchased easily

Quoted from WebMD, electrolysis is a permanent way to remove hair or fur. However, please be aware that not all countries permit the use of such a tool and this tool can not be purchased in vain in various countries.

3. Hair removal creams and waxing is still better

Many other ways to remove the hair, such as wearing a hair removal creams and waxing. However, the cream hair removers or feathers contain chemicals and bleach, while waxing treatments is usually more painful and expensive. When the treatment is done by yourself, it is usually difficult and messy.

Considerations before electrolysis

If You choose to do electrolysis, make a few considerations. First, the process is carried out by experts, namely elektrologi. It will probably take charge, but if this is not done and an error occurs can be even extra cost.

Here are some things that need to be considered to choose elektrologi, such as:

  • Look at their qualifications, for example permits and certificates of practitioners. Usually those two things are often displayed to facilitate to be known.
  • Wondering around is one of the best ways, as well as ask for advice from people who have already done the treatment before.
  • Do consultation first. A lot of places that offer consultation service for free. Make sure all Your ask answered in accordance with the procedure. Usually these questions include: what is the procedure, an estimate is made of the session follow-up care; the cost of each treatment; and ask about about the care clinic.
  •  Make sure that You do not choose the wrong, because there are some clinics that do not use the tool of electrolysis so that the possibility of the hair or fur will grow back.
  • Notice how the handling and the services provided by the clinic. Cleanliness, comfort, and a professional attitude need to be considered to determine the decision You do care.

How long is the treatment done?

Generally treatment is done for 12 months to get the best results. However, here are some things to also affect the treatment that You will undergo, such as:
  • The Area to be treated
  • The density of hair growth
  • The thickness of the hair and the sensitivity of the skin

Are there any side effects?

After undergoing a treatment session may appear a little discomfort, e.g. swelling and redness. Usually this will disappear in a day.

However, the possibility of other side effects that occur are appear black spots around the pores and skin texture changes. It may also be a small scab will usually be gone in a week.

When the treatment is done correctly and according to the experts then there is no risk of scarring (keloid) permanent. So it is with Your actions when undergoing treatment. You should choose treatment not in a hurry, wait so that the skin is healed from the side effects that occur then do session follow-up care.
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